The History of
Chittleborough & Morgan
at Nutters


Roy Chittleborough and Joseph Morgan, together with Edward Sexton, were the sartorial skill that gave life to the glorious creations of Tommy Nutter. When NUTTER’S of Savile Row opened on Valentine’s Day 1969 and Tommy’s exuberant style burst forth into the public glare, both the realm of bespoke tailoring and the world of high-fashion were changed forever.

Tommy brought a new, revolutionary energy and a rebellious style to Savile Row. His signature broad lapels and roped shoulders worn on jackets paired with tight, high-waisted, pocket-less trousers formed a remarkably dynamic silhouette. Tommy, Edward, and Roy and Joe dressed the entire social spectrum from the Dukes and Lords to the celebrity elite, with clients including Elton John and Mick and Bianca Jagger. The Beatles were big fans and John Lennon, Ringo Star and Paul McCartney famously crossed Abbey Road in NUTTER’S suits.

In 1981, Roy and Joe established their own bespoke tailoring firm Chittleborough & Morgan on Savile Row. They created a contemporary, architectural house style that nonetheless retains an unmistakable energy and character borne of its NUTTER’S heritage. The quality of craftsmanship within Chittleborough & Morgan has always been of paramount importance to creating each individual piece, in harmony with our strong house style. Each garment made is a unique expression of the tailor’s art and of our commitment to the highest bespoke standards.  To this day, the house only produces bespoke clothing with no ready-to-wear or made-to-measure.