Bespoke Tailoring

Step through the intimate entrance of Chittleborough & Morgan and you find yourself immersed in a world of the very finest bespoke tailoring, a space dedicated to the art of tailoring at its most uncompromising and elevated. This is a traditional Savile Row tailors: there is no ready-to-wear and there are no anonymous customers. There is only bespoke..

The welcome is warm and from the first step, you enter the ebullient heart of this bustling atelier. Everyone is dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional quality and singular detail. Craftsmen at Chittleborough & Morgan study for years, slowly perfecting each and every element of their art form to meet with Morgan’s extraordinary standards.

The house’s bespoke service is more of a grand journey of discovery than a conventional shopping trip. It starts with discussions of cloth choice and the garment’s style. Naturally, Joe is more than happy to guide customers with his expert hand through this myriad of important decisions on their first voyage into bespoke tailoring, Then, over five or six visits for fittings and alterations, a unique handmade garment is cut and constructed. Every piece of clothing is unique to the personal requirements of the customer but it is also imbued with the style, history and heritage of both Chittlebrough & Morgan and the finest traditions ofSavile Row bespoke.

This is the start of a lifelong relationship. Chittleborough & Morgan will continue to make adjustments to your suit, should they be needed, to ensure a perfect fit throughout the course of time. The house will likewise undertake any aftercare necessary to ensure that the garment remains as fresh and crisp as the day it first left the shop.