The Cutters and Tailors

Chittleborough & Morgan offer the highest standards of bespoke tailoring. There is no ready-to-wear or made-to-measure, so every garment created by Chittleborough & Morgan is unique and made with exceptional quality. 

Roy Chittleborough retired in 2011 entrusting the house to Joe Morgan. Since then (thanks in no small part to Joe’s passion) the team has grown and the house has established itself as one of the most technically rigorous bespoke tailors on Savile Row and its focus on the most demanding aspects of the tailor’s art has become legendary.

A Chittleborough & Morgan suit today is meticulously handmade in authentic Savile Row tradition and the result feels dynamic, elegant and sharp. Joe and Francis share a passion and pride in the clothing they create and are dedicated to satisfying the needs of every customer that walks through their door, no matter who they may be and what sartorial requirements they bring.




JOSEPH MORGAN has been working in bespoke tailoring ever since he left school aged 15. Having completed a coatmaking apprenticeship at Meyer & Mortimer, Joe turned his attention to cutting and excelled in his apprenticeship with Dennis Wilkinson. 

Identified as a young talent, Joe was head-hunted by the legendary NUTTER'S of Savile Row where he worked alongside Tommy Nutter and Edward Sexton to give life to the house's revolutionary stylish look. Upon leaving NUTTER'S to co-found Chittleborough & Morgan, Joe worked as Head Cutter alongside Roy. Developing his aesthetic to create a dynamic, architectural house style, pushing himself to produce the most technically demanding tailoring on Savile Row. Roy Chittleborough retired in 2012 and since then Joe has steered the house to become one of the driving forces of British bespoke. In 2015, he was awarded the accolade of Master Tailor by the Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to the art of bespoke tailoring. He constantly works to fulfil his philosophy; that nothing should compromise the quality of one's clothing. Under his guidance, his team strive to produce some of the most uncompromising and stylish Savile Row tailoring available today. 



FRANCIS PALEY joined Chittleborough & Morgan full time in 2012.  Whilst studying bespoke tailoring at Newham College, Francis got a taste for bespoke craftsmanship and in his own words took to ‘pestering’ Joe at every available opportunity, managing to impress the team enough to secure an apprenticeship with the house. Being one of the first students to be apprenticed through the Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors in over 200 years, Francis excelled in both cutting and tailoring. Joe took Francis on as his Undercutter and assistant in July 2015, and he now turns his eye to the creation of some of the house’s most colourful tailoring, working alongside Joe.